Day 6 – Abide in Me, And My Words in You

If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. (John 15:7)

To abide in Christ simply means to remain, to tarry, to continue to be present, and not to depart from Him. However, that’s only one part of our text. His words must also abide in us. For us to abide in Him and His words in us, we must place great emphasis on Him and His words. Christ should not be overlooked in our lives neither should His words in us be taken lightly. Jesus assured His disciples that if these things were present in them, whatever the desired in prayer shall be done for them. What a great promise we have from Christ Himself.

Our intimacy with God is so important that the LORD expects us to come to Him as a child goes to his or her father. When His disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray in what we call the model prayer (Luke 11:1-8), the first thing He mentioned was “Our Father” and not just any father but “Our Father in heaven”. This speaks our relationship with God; our walk with Him; our abiding in Him is our guarantee to answered prayers. While asking amiss may be a reason for unanswered prayers, we see in our text that when something is wrong with our relationship with Him, our prayers might also go unanswered.

What you desire comes immediately after your intimacy with Christ is sorted. With this assurance of answered prayer, you will always look forward to a time of fellowship in prayer.

Lord Jesus, please help me to abide in you all the days of my life.

Lord Jesus, please help me to give Your words attention in my life.

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