Pray Without Ceasing

pray without ceasing – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Can one actually pray without ceasing, can we maintain a lifestyle of prayer whereby we pray always without taking a break? That will be impossible because when we are sleeping we are not praying, we only pray when we are praying. So what does this scripture mean? It basically means that we should never get to a position in our walk with the Lord whereby prayer no longer takes the centre place of our life.

There are decisions you cannot afford to make without first praying to God for guidance and direction because if you get it wrong, the consequences might have a long and lasting devastating effect. For example, no one should really marry without consulting the Lord for His leading and approval, marriage is probably the highest form of relationship between a man and a woman here on earth, in Paul’s writing to the Church in Ephesus (Ephesians 5:25-27), he likened the marriage between a man and a woman with the relationship of Jesus and the Church.

Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel. – John 5:19-20

One of the ways the Father shows us the things He does Himself or wants us to do is through prayer. As we live a prayer centred life, we are guaranteed to know the mind of the Father in all areas of our lives.

‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ – Jeremiah 33:3

Are you going into a business venture with another without first praying, are you about to make a life changing decision without knowing the mind of the Father? STOP and seek the Lord in prayer, make sure He gives you the go ahead before you do it. When He leads you and you obey Him, you can be sure that your steps will also be directed by Him.

Make prayer the centre of your decision making life.

Lord, help me to remember to call on you at all times before I take any major decision in my life.

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